Welcome to the best accommodation on Gotland!

Welcome to the best accommodation on Gotland!
Making memories at the Grå Gåsen

Welcome home!

Hello! Welcome to Grå Gåsen - the cozy boutique and conference hotel on Storsudret on southern Gotland with the sea so close that you can hear the sound of the waves and see it from some of the rooms. We have 12 rooms with stylish furnishings and comfortable beds, and a stunning park-like garden that is equally beautiful in all seasons. During the summer months you can enjoy our lovely pool and we also have two wood-fired hot tubs and a sauna for ultimate relaxation. Don't miss our barn, known from the Swedish TV program "Så Mycket Bättre." We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel on Gotland, Grå Gåsen!

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The perfect meeting

Conference and party!

Our personal boutique hotel is not only a great destination for a relaxing vacation. It is also the perfect place for small and medium-sized conferences. Choose us for your next business meeting or work group trip, where you can have the whole house to yourself and work in a calm and relaxing environment. In the fall, winter and spring, it is possible to rent the entire Grå Gåsen and then you can bring family, friends or colleagues and have the whole house to yourself. Celebrate bachelorette parties, anniversaries or just exclusive time with your favorite people while everyone has their own room with a hotel feel. Here you have the opportunity to go all out in terms of menu and theme, or simply to be looked after when important business decisions have to be made.

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Welcome to the best accommodation on Gotland!
Welcome to the best accommodation on Gotland!
Music in our DNA

Live at Gåsen

Grå Gåsen is an epicenter for music experiences. During the summer, we have concerts in our garden with well-known artists. For us, a concert is not just a concert - it's an experience. Whatever the size of the concert, the feeling should be intimate and comfortable. Coming to the Grey Goose should be an experience and everyone should participate. We try to find artists that are unique, but suitable for many, and would like to see three generations coming together. We open early, as early as 17:00, so that each concert feels like an intimate festival and a complete experience. Together with friends, you can then enjoy delicious food and drink and a magical atmosphere. Food, people, meetings & music. For summer 2024, we have released tickets for Lars Winnerbäck and Eldkvarn. We release artists continuously, so keep an eye on our social media and below under events.

Events on the Grey Goose
A place of well-being

Experience Storsudret

The island's five southernmost parishes form an area known as Storsudret. With the most hours of sunshine in the entire country, magnificent nature, and plenty to see and do, Gotland's southern tip is a destination for anyone seeking experiences beyond the ordinary. Wherever you are in Storsudret, water is always within reach. On the eastern side, kilometers of sandy beaches stretch out, inviting for relaxing swimming. To the west along the coast, high plateaus rise up to offer sweeping sea views. Storsudret is characterized by an active agricultural landscape. The small-scale farming landscape tells a story of the past while looking to the future by embracing conscious organic farming. There are plenty of farm shops, and in Burgsvik alone we have our own brewery, Burgsviks Bryggeri, and the award-winning wine from Långmyre Vineri. 'Beautiful coastal road', winding along the water's edge on its way to the southernmost tip of the island. It is an ideal place for picnics and bird watching. Thousands of migratory birds pass through here in spring and fall, and all year round you can see white-tailed and golden eagles soaring over the land in pursuit of rabbits and foxes.

We have a popular restaurant too...
Welcome to the best accommodation on Gotland!
Welcome to the best accommodation on Gotland!
Somewhat simpler...

Our sister hotel Gåsen Out

Just over a kilometer closer to Visby is our sister hotel Gåsen Out, a perfect option for those looking for accommodation on Gotland. A light jog along the old railway track and you're there. If you want to play padel on our padel courts or maybe take the family to a beach volleyball match, Gåsen Out is the place to go. Our padel courts are of a very high standard. You can book through us or by going directly to MatchI. During the high summer, there is a simple service where you can have something to eat and drink after the padel match.

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